Mark Merrill’s Volkswagen Museum 2024

So, I got invited to check out Mark Merrill’s private collection, and let me tell you, it was awesome! It’s the perfect way to kick off the Kelly Park weekend. You may have heard about it or seen some videos online, but it’s not easy to get an invite or even the address. But, I got lucky this year, and I decided to bring you guys along with me.

It was only a 25-minute drive from home, and when I got there, I was blown away by the parking lot. But, that was just the beginning! The shop itself was amazing. There were three rooms filled with Volkswagen accessories, like toy cars, service manuals, and advertising flyers. Then, there was the main shop – and let me tell you, I was drooling over every single car in there. It was all so well-organized, with the early-style beetles on the right, buses in the back, and later models on the left.

But, the coolest part was the three cars in the middle. They were some of the craziest coach-built cars I’ve ever seen. Everyone was stopping to admire them. It was tough to film them, but I did my best. And, get this – not all of the cars were restored! One out of every three was actually in its original condition with original miles. I mean, that’s pretty amazing after all these years.

The restored cars were just as impressive, though. The quality of work put into bringing them back to life really shows. I hope you enjoy the video I made of my experience. I always try to share cool stuff like this with everyone, so stick around because I’ll be posting more fun events soon, like the Redbarn Swapmeet later this week and the big show at Kelly park next week. Thanks for watching, and catch you later!.

Video by: Oscar_dubs

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