Herbie The Love Bug trailer

Trailer of the 1968 movie Herbie The Love Bug.

Summary: In San Francisco, Jim Douglas is a has been as a professional driver, he only second rate at his peak as a track racer, and not much better in his recent sojourn as a demolition derby driver. While he is attracted to fast, sporty cars as are most professional drivers, he ends up, out of circumstance, reluctantly purchasing a Volkswagen Beetle. That reluctance is heightened when the car does things outside of his control, which makes him believe it defective. But what endures him to the car is the speed it exhibits in one of those out of control moments. Jim’s friend, mechanic and roommate Tennessee Steinmetz, can see that Herbie, as he names the Beetle, does have a mind of its own and has emotions, it which helps those that are kind to it as Jim was in their initial encounter. Jim, with Tennessee by his side, does enter Herbie into races with success. In the process, Carole Bennett, the saleswoman at Thorndyke Import Motors, the upscale dealership where Jim bought the car, also comes to realize the magic that is Herbie. Who may or may not come to that realization – or arguably may not want to admit it – is Jim himself, who wants to believe that his recent racing success is all his own doing, he willing to get rid of Herbie for a more traditionally race appropriate vehicle. Who does not care what is behind Herbie being Herbie is Peter Thorndyke, Carole’s snooty boss, a race car driver himself, who ends up being shown up time and time again by Herbie. As such, Thorndyke goes on a mission not only to beat Jim and Herbie, but, using whatever means possible, most underhanded, to destroy Herbie beyond repair.

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