El Prado VW Car Show-German Folks Klub (GFK) & Car Show

Hey there! So, day two in LA was off to an early start, but this time it was for an awesome reason! The night before, I met a member from a local club who invited me to join them at a car show. It turned out to be The German Folks Klub, one of the biggest clubs in my area, and I felt really honored to roll with them to the car show. Walking around the show, I spent almost 2 hours checking out all the cool cars. The venue was massive, and the turnout was way better this year thanks to the amazing weather. I even got to meet some of my LA subscribers and a couple from the Virgin Islands, who were super excited to see me in person. The only downside was having to leave at 11:00 a.m., so I’m definitely planning a longer trip for next year. Thanks a ton for watching! Remember to drop a comment, give the video a like to support the channel, and check out our website: www.kafersyndicate.com.

Video by: Oscar_dubs

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