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87th Bugorama-Sacramento Raceway Park-05/28/22

87th Bugorama-Sacramento Raceway Park-05/28/22

Video by Oscar_dubs

On todays video we drive to Sacramento, CA for the #87th Bugorama at the Sacramento Raceway, this is a two day event. We made a quick stop in Stockton to meet up with a group of friends from Fresno, then we all drove together. Once we got there we setup our campsite and I made sure to stake everything down really good in the dirt because of high winds, but it felt like concrete. At that point it was almost noon and we were getting hungry so we cooked up some lobsters and chicken. The food was good and we decide to kickback in our chairs watching people bargain about parts at the swap meet. After a couple of hours we started to hear some engines revving, we knew the races was starting.

We always have a great time watching the cars do wheelies and hearing all those engines rev. We were there for a while when we saw Ron Fleming crash (Check out my video of the crash on my channel). After the accident, I ran over there to make sure the driver was okay. The roll cage and harness worked great which made it easier for Ron to walk away. After the races we went back to our campsite cooked ourself some pasta, then we ate it while we watched the sunset. Just like that day one was over and we needed to hit the sack so we could wake up early the next morning for the car show.

Posted on September 17, 2022

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