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9th Ionian VolksFest Kefalonia – Part 2

Saturday, September 2 On Saturday, we gathered early at Sami Harbor. Here we were picked up by the Ionian P Lines ferry, for an “aircooled only” crossing to the island of Ithaca. After half an hour of sailing we arrived on the island after which we took beautiful mountain roads

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9th Ionian VolksFest Kefalonia – Part 1

The best meeting of the year for us is without a doubt the 9th Ionian VolksFest on the Greek island of Kefalonia. For years we have gathered here for a weekend with friends, wonderful touring trips with our aircooled cars around the island and beautiful excursions. This year was no

Daniel Arsham owns a Porsche 356 Speedster, and over a two-year period, he stripped it to its barest, time-worn essence. Deeply influenced by Japanese culture and the concept of wabi-sabi – finding beauty in transience and imperfection – Arsham also upholstered the vehicle with indigo-dyed fabrics featuring boro patchwork sashiko-stitched

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AirMighty Carwash Night #7

To end the season and put the cars in the garage clean and washed for the winter, AirMighty organized for the 7th time the AirMighty Carwash Night in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. Once again there was a coffee van providing everyone with hot drinks. All in all again a very pleasant

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