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Kefalonia roadtrip 2020

Kefalonia roadtrip 2020

Update June 23, 2020: Patty and Pim will be joining the 6th Ionian Volksfest. They will be flying to Greece for a few days. We are hoping on a Kefalonia Roadtrip 2021.

Update May 29, 2020: Tonight we had a online meeting with the roadtrip crew and sadly we had to decide to cancel the roadtrip for this year. We think it’s too risky to drive through 8 countries. We don’t want to risk getting stuck somewhere in a new lockdown. We hope our friends in Kefalonia have a great meeting in August and we will try to be there in 2021!

Update April 20, 2020: At this moment we do not know if the roadtrip will take place this year, due to COVID-19. We are still planning our trip, but we have to travel through 8 countries, each with their own special rules, so we possibly have to cancel this years roadtrip… We keep you updated!

During our previous visit to the beautiful island of Kefalonia in Greece we promised our friends of the VW Aircooled Club Kefalonia we would return to the island in our ’72 beetle to join them at one of the future Ionian Volksfests.
At first we didn’t plan to go back the next year. However Gert, one of our friends back home, told us he really wanted to go on this 5000km (3100 mile) adventure in 2020.

Without hesitation we decided to join Gert to go on an adventure to the 6th Ionian Volksfest and our friends on Kefalonia. A few days later Frans, Andrew and Yvonne also joined.

The team:

Pim & Patty
1972 Volkswagen Beetle 1200

1972 Volkswagen Beetle 1303

1971 Volkswagen Type 181

Andrew & Yvonne
1973 Volkswagen Beetle 1303

Netherlands  – Greece, the route:

We will be leaving the Netherlands on August 16th. This will give us four days to get to Bari, Italy. Here we will board the ferry to Igoumenitsa.

The route:

  • Day 1: we will leave our hometowns near Rotterdam and head south to Belgium, Luxembourg and finally our first stop in Sélestat, France. This is our longest leg of the tour, about 8 hours.
  • Day 2: today we will drive via Switzerland to Parma, Italy.
  • Day 3: a nice drive from Parma to San Giovanni Teatino, with a short visit to San Marino.
  • Day 4: today we will do a short drive to the port Bari, with a fews stops along the way. From here we will take the night ferry to Greece.
  • Day 5: Arrival in Greece and a nice short drive to Nidri. Here we will take the ferry to Fiskardo and drive the last few miles to Sami.

We will join our friends for the 6th Ionian Volksfest. The meeting will take place in Sami. After the three day meeting we’ll have a few days to explore the island.

The route:

  • Day 5: Arrival in Sami.
  • Day 6: 6th Ionian Volksfest, Sami.
  • Day 7: 6th Ionian Volksfest, Sami.
  • Day 8: 6th Ionian Volksfest, Sami.
  • Day 9: Relaxing
  • Day 10:  Relaxing
The route back home:

After five days we have to leave Kefalonia and head back home.

The route:

  • Day 11: today we have to leave Kefalonia and head to Igoumenitsa to get on the ferry to Bari. A short drive with plenty of sightseeing along the way.
  • Day 12: we will arrive in Bari early in the morning and drive to Pompei, to visit the ancient city. After the visit we will drive to our hotel in Cassino.
  • Day 13: A longer drive today, about 7 hours from Cassino to Livorno, near Pisa. Ofcourse with plenty of stops along the way.
  • Day 14: Today we will leave early and visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa. After that we will follow the coastline north to Genua and continue to the old Fiat factory (Lingotto) in Turin where we will stay for the night.
  • Day 15: First we will be visiting the Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile in Turin. After the visit we will take a scenic route through the mountains to Fribourg, Switzerland.
  • Day 16: An easy drive today from Fribourg to Metz, France. Maybe we’ll visit Bern or Nancy on our way to Metz.
  • Day 17: The final leg of the roadtrip from Metz back home. A nice drive through France, Luxembourg, Belgium and ofcourse Holland.



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