Welcome to 53Classics

We are a team passionate about our aircooled Volkswagens!

In 2015, Pim started photographing air-cooled Volkswagens during Vintage at Zandvoort in the Netherlands. The first photos appeared on Facebook and there were nice responses. Not much later a 1972 Beetle was bought and Pim and his wife tried to visit as many events in the Netherlands and abroad as possible.

In 2018, Pim decided to start a website and Facebook page to share photos and videos. This became 53Classics, of course with the famous Herbie movies in mind.

In 2019, Pim met Charis Amourgis in Greece and that friendship grew stronger and stronger. Charis, as president of the VW Fan Club Kefalonia, organizes various events on the island. In 2022, Charis joined the 53Classics crew as photographer.

53Classics has now been around for 5 years and has almost 100,000 followers. We hope to show you beautiful photos and videos for years to come!

Our Team

Pim Hesse

Owner & photographer

Born in 1984 in Maassluis, the Netherlands, Pim has always been interested in older Volkswagens. In 2015, he went to a Volkswagen event in Zandvoort for the first time to photograph and thus was able to combine both interests.

That same year, his wife and he bought a 1972 Beetle. Since then, they have been traveling around Europe to visit as many beautiful locations and, of course, Volkswagen events as possible.

Pim started the 53Classics website and Facebook page in 2018 to share the photos and videos he takes during events.

Charis Amourgis


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