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Kefalonia Roadtrip 2021

Last update: July 27, 2021

It’s finally going to happen! Last year we unfortunately had to cancel the road trip due to COVID-19, but for this year things are looking a lot better. We are all fully vaccinated and all countries on the route allow us in without restrictions.

Our plan is to drive from the Netherlands to Kefalonia in 5 days, where we make the crossing from Bari to Igoumenitsa. Then we will be on Kefalonia for 6 days for the 7th Ionian VolksFest. After this we drive back home in 5 days, largely via the same route.

For us, this is the first big road trip in our air-cooled Volkswagens.

Keep an eye on this page for updates and pictures of our trip!

The team

Pim Hesse
1972 Volkswagen Beetle 1200

Gert van Dijk
1972 Volkswagen Beetle 1303

Frans Nuninga & Sandra Penning
1971 Volkswagen Type 181

The route

Day 1: Maassluis – Strasbourg
Day 2: Strasbourg – Parma
Day 3: Parma – San Giovanni Teatino
Day 4: San Giovanni Teatino – Bari (ferry to Igoumenitsa)
Day 5: Igoumenitsa – Sami
Day 6: 7th Ionian VolksFest Kefalonia
Day 7: 7th Ionian VolksFest Kefalonia
Day 8: 7th Ionian VolksFest Kefalonia
Day 9: Tour around Kefalonia
Day 10: Tour around Kefalonia
Day 11: Tour around Kefalonia
Day 12: Sami – Igoumenitsa (ferry to Bari)
Day 13: Bari – San Giovanni Teatino
Day 14: San Giovanni Teatino – Parma
Day 15: Parma – Strasbourg
Day 16: Strasbourg – Maassluis

Monday July 26:

We started packing all the necessities for the road trip.
Tools, parts, oil, and much more.

Although we are fully vaccinated and all countries on the route accept us, we still need to arrange some paperwork, such as Passenger Locator Forms, self-test statements and so on.
We also have to get some selftests, just in case we need them along the route.

Less than three weeks before departure. We can not wait!

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