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8th Ionian VolksFest Kefalonia

8th Ionian VolksFest Kefalonia

One of the highlights of the year for us is the annual Ionian Volksfest on the Greek island of Kefalonia, which was held for the 8th time this year.
Last year we drove here from the Netherlands with our beetles, but this year that was not possible so we took the plane. The next roadtrip is planned for 2024, but more information about that later.

On Monday, August 22 we arrived on Kefalonia and after a warm welcome by Charis and Eleni of vw AirCooled Club Kefalonia, we spent a few days driving around the island.

Wednesday evening the club organised a pre-party at the clubhouse, where the participants of the Volkfest who were already present on the island gathered, with music by DJ Chert Bondo.

Friday, August 26, was the first official day of the 8th Ionian Volksfest. At 12:00 everyone gathered on the grounds of Camping Argostoli, where the goodie bags and t-shirts were handed out. Early in the afternoon we left for a visit to Liocharis Kefalonia Olive Mill, where delicious olive oil is made. Here we were given a guided tour, where the process of pressing the olives was explained. Of course there was also the opportunity to taste.

After buying some bottles of oil, we were about to leave to the beach, but just before departure we received the message that we could visit a classic car museum. Of course, we could not refuse and a few minutes later we arrived at the Avithos Resort Kefalonia, where a beautiful collection of American and Russian cars was displayed.

On Saturday we gathered early in the morning at the campground, from where we left for a drive towards Lixouri. Via the boulevard of Argostoli, we followed the coastal road to the peninsula.
Because we were taking pictures, we left last of the group and for some reason we passed the group on our way to Lixouri. After some phone calls we decided to drive on to Kardakata and wait for the group there. That gave us the opportunity to take some pictures again. After we rejoined the group, we headed for the Haritatos Winery in Paliki. A beautiful location where delicious wine is made.
Unfortunately there was not much time to look around, as there was a wedding scheduled for the afternoon. After buying some wine and picking some fruit we continued on our way.

After leaving the vineyard we drove through beautiful countryside and pretty villages towards the coast. It is incredible how quickly the landscape changes. One moment you are driving through forests and the next you are driving over vast plains. That is the beauty of Kefalonia!

We visited the Monastery of Kipoureon, which was founded in the 1600s by the Archbishop of Paxi Chrysanthos Petropoulos. The name means Monastry of the Gardens. An appropriate name, as the monastery has a beautiful garden. Thanks to its location on a cliff, the view is amazing.

After a visit to the monastery, wine could be tasted from the Haritatos Vineyard which we visited earlier in the day.

By now it was mid-afternoon and after several hours in the heat we were ready for some food and a refreshing swim. From the monastery it was a short drive to Vrahinari Beach. We drove ahead to capture the group’s arrival there. Meanwhile, we had already ordered some food. After a delicious lunch, we still had time for a refreshing swim in the sea.

After we cooled down we left for the next stop: Lagadakia Greek Tavern, for delicious Greek food.

By now it was starting to get late and Argostoli was about an hour away. So we decided to take the ferry, which took about as long, but was a lot more relaxing.

And then it was Sunday, the last day of the Volksfest. We gathered mid-morning at Camping Argostoli to hand over the club’s handmade gifts to the participants.

Early afternoon the group left for Kaminia Beach for a beach party at Anemos, with delicious food, live music and games. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend due to other commitments.

In the evening around 2100 hours we gathered at the campsite for a group photo, then left for the farewell party at Draught Grill & Beerhouse on the shopping street in Argostoli, where everyone could admire the cars and share stories and experiences. Unfortunately for us this was the end of our vacation on Kefalonia and the 8th Ionian Volksfest. After we brought the beetle back to the clubhouse and Gert gave me an lift back to the hotel it was time to catch some sleep before we had to go to the airport the next morning.

We would like to thank Charis and Eleni for their hospitality and lending us their beetle “Lola”. Of course, we want to thank all the club members and Volksfest participants very much for the great time we had. We will see you all again next year!

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