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World Wide VW Beetle Day

World Wide VW Beetle Day

In 1995 the Declaration of Bad Camberg was signed in Bad Camberg by Dr. Bernd Wiersch (AutoMuseum Volkswagen Wolfsburg), Mr. H.W. Lottermann (organizer of the Bad Camber events) and Alexander Gromow (president of Fusca Clube do Brasil). 22 June has been declared World Wide VW Beetle Day.
Of course, we want to maintain the celebration of this day and we also promote June 22 as World Wide VW Beetle Day and Drive Your Beetle To Work Day.

Beginning in 1995, all of the following June, 22, days will be considered as the “World Wide Day of the VW Beetle”, a date in which to celebrate this dear, charming and useful car.
Why June, 22nd? Naturally, for on this date, in 1934, a contract was signed between the German Automobilistic Industry National Association and Dr. Ferdinand Porsche. By this contract the Eng. h.c. Ferdinand Porsche GmbH ought to develop the Volkswagen, and submit for consideration the first prototype in 10 months from this day on. That was the day in which the successful saga of the VW-Beetle began, a day in which everything started. As it is meant to be a world-wide date, one has to take into consideration the climatic conditions of the Earth. The climate in June is convenient in the northern hemisphere, and it is agreeable in the most part of the southern hemisphere. This speaks in favor of June, 22.
What is intended by this date? It is aimed at having a fixed date to celebrate the best selling car of the world the car that was elected as the Car of the Century, and the car that was chosen by thousands of admirers to be their prized possession.
This will not be a formal date. It will not need the homologation of the authorities. Rather, it will be a remembrance day, to remind all of us of the car that is the very reason of our hobby. Your approval and support are enough to turn this date into a reality.

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