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New release: Matchbox ’72 Beetle Dragster

New release: Matchbox ’72 Beetle Dragster

Mattel Creations / Matchbox will be launching a new model: the Mean Green Drag Machine, a modified ’72 Volkswagen Beetle.
Price will be $25.00
Release date: January 13, 2022

The “People’s Car” becomes a quarter-mile superstar. This Matchbox Collectors casting celebrates the full throttle genius of modifying a Beetle for drag racing.

From a pony to a dragon

Before becoming part of the Mattel family, Matchbox only released 75 models per year. Whenever they added a new model, they retired an old one and assigned its numbering to the new model. The “Dragon Wheels” replaced the “Pony Trailer” as model number MB43 in 1972.

Star of the strip

The “Draggin’ Wheels” beetle pays tribute to the original “Dragon Wheels” livery. It faithfully replicates the color scheme while sharpening the edges. After winning its share of races, the Beetle’s also acquired a number of sponsors – their authentic logos appear on the roof and “bonnet.”

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