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Herbie in Bilthoven

Herbie in Bilthoven

For several years this beetle in the well-known herbie colors can be found on a roundabout in Bilthoven, the Netherlands. The roundabout has been “adopted” by Autobedrijf de Rooij, a local VW, Audi and Skoda dealer.
De Rooij is therefore responsible for the maintenance of the roundabout and was allowed to place a work of art on the roundabout. The local residents were not impressed by De Rooij’s choice and protested against the placement of the beetle, because it is an advertising object for the dealership. So far without result, because Herbie is still there!
You can find Herbie at the roundabout on the Biltse Rading and the Groenekansenweg in Bilthoven.



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