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About 53Classics

Welcome to the 53Classics website!
My name is Pim Hesse, I am a freelance photographer based in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands. Specializing in aircooled automotive photography and event coverage.
Ever since I was little I have been crazy about aircooled Volkswagens, thanks to the well-known Herbie films. In 2015, a few weeks after attending my first aircooled meeting, my wife and I bought our first beetle. Since then it has become an addiction. I try to visit as many events as possible and combine this with my other hobby: photography.
My work has been featured in many publications including Keverwereld, AirMighty and Zoom Magazine and my photos have been used for event promotions.
Have fun with your visit to the 53Classics website and I hope to see you at one of the many aircooled meetings!!
Pim Hesse

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