9th Ionian VolksFest Kefalonia – Part 1

The best meeting of the year for us is without a doubt the 9th Ionian VolksFest on the Greek island of Kefalonia. For years we have gathered here for a weekend with friends, wonderful touring trips with our aircooled cars around the island and beautiful excursions.

This year was no exception! Even though we went to Kefalonia by plane, we were able to participate in style, thanks to Charis, who lent us a beetle.
This year the meeting was held in Sami, a beautiful port town on the east side of Kefalonia.

Friday, September 1

On Friday, we gathered at Odysseus Zoo Land, near Sami. This park showcases Odysseus’ journey through various exhibits. In addition to the exhibits, there are also various animals that Odysseus encountered during his return to Ithaca.

We had driven by here many times in previous years, but had never visited the park.
It was a fun and educational visit and we will definitely visit again in the future.

From the theme park we left for a short drive to Drogarati Cave, which is only a few hundred meters away. Drogarati Cave is known for its impressive stalactites and stalagmites. There is even a grandstand in Drogarati Cave where concerts are given due to its excellent acoustics. After a visit to the cave we got free drinks and prepared for a short ride to the Melissani Cave.


Melissani Cave is one of the most beautiful and interesting sights of Kefalonia. The cave was discovered in 1951 by Greek speleologist Giannis Petrocheilos after part of the roof collapsed. The lake is about 20 meters underground and it is between 10 and 30 meters deep. The cave is worth visiting, especially between noon and 3 p.m., when the sun shines into the cave.

After our visit to the cave, it was time to cool down. A few minutes’ drive away is Agia Paraskevi, where we were able to swim for a couple of hours and enjoy a drink at the bar.

In the evening, a delicious dinner was arranged at Georgios Giafis Farm. And with that, the first day of the 9th Ionian VolksFest came to an end.

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